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Buildigo brokers regional craftsman

The Buildigo craftsmen platform is starting today in the Zurich and Aarau regions. As the first ever digital craftsmen platform, the La Mobilière subsidiary supports clients from initial request through to payment.

Anyone looking for a joiner, painter or electrician will find one on the Buildigo craftsmen platform. Priority is placed here on the quality of the service partners and digital processing. This offers clear added value not only for private individuals but also for SMEs: Buildigo brokers orders for them and relieves them of administrative tasks.

Buildigo has been a subsidiary of La Mobilière since the summer of 2020. The start-up has already been active in Western Switzerland since 2017 and supplements the services of La Mobilière in the residential sector. Tenants and homeowners receive simple digital access to the best local tradespersons. Buildigo is the first craftsmen platform to support clients from initial job request through to payment of the work carried out. 

The new craftsmen platform is starting with a selected range of offers in the most relevant sectors in the regions of Zurich and Aarau. The offering is to be gradually expanded over the next few months.

Michael Hügli, Managing Director
Tel.: 078 618 51 13